Friday, October 15, 2010

"Release the Hounds"

 "Canine Remains" & " Zombie Chihuahua"

Horace "Disco Action" Jackson

Reaper "Horace Action Jackson"


Incursion (Germans) "Blitzhund"

Suds n' Son

Privateer Press (Trollbloods) "Kilt Lifter"
I did this diorama from my brother to congratulate him on his first born son.

The Rubar

Armorcast (Dumpster)
Did this diorama for a friend's bar we call the "Rubar!"


Wyrd (Arcanists) "Steamborg Executioner"

Rotten Harvest 2009

Reaper (Various)
This diorama was awarded Best Base/Dio and #1 in the "Harrowing Harvest" for Wyrd's Rotten Harvest 2009

Gremlins and Hogs

Wyrd (Outcasts) "Boyou Gremlins" & "Piglets"

Bayou BBQ

Wyrd (Outcasts) Various
This diorama was awarded Best in Show and other awards in Wyrd's Days of Som'er -- 2010

Nice Hat

Wyrd (Resurrectionists) "Grave Spirit"


IWM "Templar"

IWM "Ranger Lord"

Spider bots?

Wyrd (Arcanists) "Arachnid Swarm"

My first attempt at OSL

Wyrd (Arcanists) "Ramos"

It's Alive!!

Heresy "Flesh Golem"


Heresy "Boris"


Wyrd (Resurrectionists) "Dr. Douglas McMourning"


Wyrd (Ressurectionist) "Necropunks"

Ice Ice baby

Wyrd (Arcanists) "Golem"
Wyrd (Outcasts) Rusty Alyce

Unibrow of doom

Wyrd (Outcasts) Leviticus


Wyrd (Outcasts) "Hans"


Wyrd (Neverborn) Sorrows. This top mini was pictured in Wyrd Chronicals Vol. 1

Mature Neph

Wyrd (Neverborn) Mature Nephilim

Ice Cold

Wyrd (Arcanists) Rasputina and co.